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The Extractor Text Summarization Web Service demonstrates Extractor 7.2 in a simple interactive web application.  Select a URL or add the Extractor demonstration feature to your browser links, select your highlights option and you're ready for an in-browser demonstration. Or, copy a selection of text and paste into the text box and press the Extract button. In this instance, the Extractor engine returns a list of Key words and the highlights in context.  For this demonstration we have limited the result list to 7 and have implemented a few  key features of the API:  You may want to evaluate the other API features with an Extractor Software Development Kit evaluation license. Details are offered below. Other features that you may want to evaluate with the SDK:

  Activate HighLights   Add StopWord
  Get PhraseListSize   Add StopPhrase
  Set HighLight Type   Add GoPhrase
  Get HighLight List Size   Get Document Properties
  Get HighLight by Index   Set Number Phrases

To evaluate the complete selection of Extractor features please select the Software Development Kit (SDK) evaluation below.

Evaluate Extractor in a compiled application demonstrating a few of the key features: Click here to download

The Extractor Text Summarization sample application processes regular text files (TXT), rich text format files (RTF), and Html files to illustrate the extraction engine's primary summary capability.
The Extractor Text Summarization Sample Application demonstrates the primary capability of the Extractor Technology.  The Extractor engine is able to summarize any type of document as long as the actual text is retrieved from that document and programmatically fed into the extraction engine. Before an application can make use of Extractor's abilities, the developer designs the application so that it can obtain the text programmatically from the source document. Then Extractor can be called upon to perform its summarization, keyword / keyphrase listing, summary refinement (Go / Stop phrases) and in-document highlighting functionality.

Evaluate Extractor in your own development environment. Download a full evaluation license of the Extractor Software Development Kit (SDK).

The Extractor SDK Evaluation License is provided for developers to explore the features and functionality of Extractor within in their own sample developments. The evaluation SDK is time limited and includes:

     a)  A time limited version of the Extractor DLL for Windows
     b)  Your choice of API support for either: C (C, C++, VC++), Java, Perl,
           Python or Visual Basic
     c)  Complete HTML documentation
     d)  Research reports and Published Reference materials (PDF)

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            online demonstration
            sample application
            software development kit
            operating system
                    Mac OS
                    C / C#
                    Visual Basic

     API Functions

     Great for...
workforce optimization
          web log tagging
          refined search
          knowledge management (KM)
          information retrieval (IR)
          semantic web development
          inference engines
          document management
          Portal Services

          Internet Communications
          HomeLand Security
          Contextual Web Search
          Document Mangement
          Knowledge Management
          Intellectual Property Filter
          Intelligent Search
          Text Summarization
          Wireless Push Technology

     Supporting Documentation