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Extractor Features


Freedom of Choice:

An increasingly important aspect for Information Technology solutions is the ability for those solutions to be consumed by anyone, any where and on any platform. Extractor is a patented, Automatic content keyphrase tagging technology researched and developed to work on any computing platform.

¤  Linux,
¤  Mac O/S
¤  Windows

Source code licenses available for custom compiling of the most generic C code to meet any project and develery requirement.
In true cross-platform consistency, the Extractor Software Development Kit (SDK) includes supporting API's for these development languages:

¤   C (C, C++, VC++. C#)
¤   Java
¤  Python 
¤  Visual Basic
¤  Web Service

In addition to the cross platform flexibility, Extractor's internal features are fully exposed to the developer for customizable implementations:
¤  Generate summaries automatically
¤  Native file formats support:  Text, HTML, and Email
¤  HTML Tag filtering  
¤  Text, HTML and E-mail filters  
¤  Document highlighting and Sentence marking
¤  Multi-lingual: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean & Spanish
¤  Multi-Threaded  
¤  Define summary results - set the number of desired output phrases 
¤  Stop Word - list any number of words for Extractor to ignore
¤  Go Word, Go Phrase - lists of words/phrases for targeted focus
¤  Frequency Ranking - by ascending or descending order
¤  Multi-document processing
In terms of computer automated text summarization there are many definitions  and implementations including Bayesian, Heurstic or linguistic.  Extractor  uses a Genetic approach which in itself provides an automatic learning process. This is a critical element for the summarization utility to be able to move from one subject domain to another without re-training, as well, human intervention.  Compared to other approaches which are domain specific and anchored by their static algorithm, thereby requiring greater human intervention just to be able to move from one subject domain to another. For a more detailed discussion please see "Learning Algorithms for Keyphrase Extraction"



            RESTful Service
            Sample Application
            Software Development Kit

            Web Service


            operating system
                    Mac OS

                    C / C#
                    Visual Basic

API Functions


Extractor is Great for...

          workforce optimization
          web log tagging
          refined search
          knowledge management (KM)
          information retrieval (IR)
          semantic web development
          inference engines
          document management
          Portal Services


Advanced Detection Systems

          Internet Communications
          HomeLand Security
          Contextual Web Search
          Document Management
          Knowledge Management
          Intellectual Property Filter
          Intelligent Search
          Text Summarization
          Wireless - Content Summary
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